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How does it work?

1. Insert the Kush Bush into your Bong, The Kush Bush will rest on the ice wedges. The specially designed holes are for a full air supply while stopping the splash of bong water. It may do a little hop the first hit but after that it'll find its suction.


2. Flip your Kush Bush over to make a cup to hold your ice cubes for a cooler more refreshing inhale! Our stainless steel design makes the ice last longer! While still stopping the splash of water!


What size should I choose?

The Kush Bush comes in 4 different sizes that are carefully designed to fit most bongs.

Check out our " How to measure your bong " video. Then refer to our sizing chart!

What is it made out of?

Kush Bush is made out of Food Grade Safe Stainless Steel. Designed to last forever.

How do I clean it?

Simply run your Kush Bush through hot water while its in or out of your bong and it will clean itself!

Patented Technology

Kush Bush is the 1st and only patented Bong / Water pipe Splash Guard.

No More Nasty Water

You can FINALLY stop worrying about that gross bong water splashing up into your mouth! CARB as HARD as you like!

Two ways to use

Use the Kush Bush to protect your self from nasty bong water or flip it up and use it to hold ice. Please refer to FAQ page for full instructions.


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